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Max Fashion is a fashion brand under the banner of the Dubai based Landmark Group.

The brand was first launched in May, 2004, in the Middle East in Abu Dhabi.

Max, at present, is the largest fashion brand in the Middle East, North Africa, South East Asia & India, with close to 400 stores encompassing 8.5 million sq.ft., across 19 countries.

Catering to the mid-range segment, Max has its own private label clothing for men, women and children along with footwear, home and accessories, and sees an average footfall of over 100,000 customers every day.


Although present in the Middle East market for over 17 years, Max Fashion was unable to change people’s perceptions.

Consumers wrongfully considered it as a store for low quality clothing when it was in fact high quality fashion and trendy clothing at affordable prices. 

Part of the problem was going after the wrong customer segments, which negatively impacted Max Fashion’s sales. Max Fashion needed a partner that would help them engage with the relevant audiences in countries such as UAE, KSA and Egypt – and help them be seen as a sanctum of fashion at amazing prices.


Max Fashion collaborated with Dmenta to create a BRRANDFLUENCERRS REVOLUTION – a digital revolution leveraging over 115 influencers with a wide reach.

Dmenta used high-end technology for influencer acquisition based on a huge following and content quality. Influencers all over UAE, KSA and Egypt were selected to create a massive ripple-effect with the #IWEARMAX campaign. Nanoinfluencers from similar socioeconomic backgrounds and personas created powerful and heartfelt content posting #IWEARMAX on their Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube channels, engaging over 100,000 followers of their community.

This was followed by a campaign that engaged celebrity influencers – with UAE and KSA being represented by Eleen, Suleiman and Shouq; and singer and celebrity Sandy, leading the campaign in Egypt.

Sandy travelled across Cairo, finding historically significant places for a photoshoot; capturing eager glances from all of Egypt and the Arab world and eventually generating a controversy by posing on top of the pyramids. The controversy of #ساندي_فوق_الهرم  or #SandyOnTopOfThePyramids turned more eyes towards the brand, trending at #2.


#IWEARMAX managed to attract a lot of new and eager customers, and successfully repositioned Max Fashion as a quality brand.


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