HOW Level
Shoes Drove


During its Anniversary Campaign
with Dmenta


Online Sales Growth Over the Previous Year


Return On
Ad Spend



About Level shoes

Level Shoes is a Dubai based but globally recognised retail concept and destination dedicated to the world of designer shoes for Women, Men and Kids.

Their store offers a wide range of unique services; from shoe experts to foot therapies, culinary delights, a dedicated concierge service as well as a regional online shopping platform. The curated space is divided into 40 designer boutiques and five multibrand areas each designed with its own bespoke personality: Women’s Designer, Women’s Accessories, Women’s Contemporary, Men’s Designer, Men’s Accessories, Trends and Kids. 


In the year 2020, luxury shoe retailer Level Shoes wanted to run its anniversary Influencer marketing campaign with Dmenta.

While everyone was familiar with their offline stores, they wanted to switch their customers’ focus more towards e-commerce due to their relatively low conversion rates on their site. Being a luxury shoe retailer, strict adherence to brand guidelines was a major point of concern for them and wanted to ensure their partner would adhere to them and also support them in achieving the KPIs they had set for their online business.


Dmenta started off by creating a campaign that was tailored towards driving more conversions on their online store.

They selected a list of influencers whose target audience was similar in terms of demographics and interests as Level Shoes’ ideal customer persona. These influencers were then provided with products that were carefully curated based on their probability of generating interest amongst potential customers. While the brief for these influencers was scripted by Dmenta, extra emphasis was placed on making the ad seem as natural as possible, and at the same time focused on driving conversions. The end result was a seamless campaign that was driven by over 65 influencers.


With Dmenta, Level Shoes had a successful campaign that generated over 2M clicks and higher than average conversions.


Return on ad spend




Growth in online sales over the previous year

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